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Soma Bay Projects

Soma Bay is booming right now with new projects under construction and more new projects planned for later this year and the most popular projects with our clients have been the lodges in Wadi Jebal and the stand-alone chalets in Mesca.

Below you will find links to all our new projects:

Mesca Residences is Somabay’s exclusive beachfront enclave, directly opening onto its tranquil azure bay and captivating mountain terrain. Extravagant space and exquisite touches of luxury create the perfect ambiance of a private single floor Stand Alone Villa, with three en-suite bedrooms, lavish living and dining areas, and a private swimming pool surrounded by an elaborate terrace for relaxing and entertaining.

Wadi Jebal Lodges are set atop the beautiful cliffs of the peninsula, Wadi Jebal is Somabay’s latest gem: a residential project with unmatched views of the Red Sea’s crystal clear waters. Making the most of the natural topography, it rewards all its unit owners with incredible views of the sea, 365 sunsets a year.

Soma Breeze is Soma Bay’s youngest and hippest project to date; Soma Breeze is a self-contained community by the shoreline. Featuring 7 blocks of lavish apartments with views overlooking the varied and equally breathtaking vistas, it offers its residents an unparalleled sense of convenience:

Bay Central is the most exclusive and premium spot in Somabay, oozing inescapable elegance and class. Masterplanned to surround communities’ with a unique air of sophistication and grandeur, every aspect of Central Bay’s residential vision seamlessly integrates in absolute harmony with the natural environment to redefine contemporary living on the Red Sea.

Baywest is the perfect idyllic residential project. Renowned for its soothing architecture, picturesque surroundings and tranquil sea which guarantees an impeccable stress free environment for you and your family.
The selection of wood and stone in Baywest architecture coupled with the seamless blend of modern and contemporary styles truly created a timeless look that has been painstakingly designed to embody luxury and comfort.



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