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Blanca Soma Bay | New Beachfront Project in Soma Bay

Blanca Soma Bay Blanca soma bay exclusive location grants its community an ideal mix of uninterrupted relaxation, powered by the lively happenings of Somabay’s White Beach next door. The development distinctly lies in a quiet spot straight in the heart of the bay to invite nature and heavenly views into every corner of your home. Just a few steps away, White Beach is a permanent backstage pass to...

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New Projects In Soma Bay

Soma Bay Projects Soma Bay is booming right now with new projects under construction and more new projects planned for later this year and the most popular projects with our clients have been the lodges in Wadi Jebal and the stand-alone chalets in Mesca. Below you will find links to all our new projects: Mesca Residences is Somabay’s exclusive beachfront enclave, directly opening onto its tranquil...

Mesca residences

Mesca Residences

Mesca Residences Mesca Residences; Somabay’s exclusive beachfront enclave, directly opening onto its tranquil azure bay and captivating mountain terrain. Extravagant space and exquisite touches of luxury create the perfect ambience of a private single floor Stand Alone Villa, with three en-suite bedrooms, lavish living and dining areas, and a private swimming pool surrounded by an elaborate terrace for...

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Soma Bay Properties

Explore Soma Bay’s Real Estate Properties The sea speaks to the soul. Immerse yourself in breezy coastal living and bask in the bliss of perpetual vacation living. From stunning waterfront apartments to luxurious patio villas, embrace the calming sounds of waves and endless white sandy beaches right at your...

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