Mesca Residences

Mesca residences

Mesca Residences

Mesca Residences; Somabay’s exclusive beachfront enclave, directly opening onto its tranquil azure bay and captivating mountain terrain. Extravagant space and exquisite touches of luxury create the perfect ambience of a private single floor Stand Alone Villa, with three en-suite bedrooms, lavish living and dining areas, and a private swimming pool surrounded by an elaborate terrace for relaxing and entertaining.

Step from your luxury villa straight onto the sunny deck of your private pool and either dive in for a morning swim or cool off from the afternoon sun at your own private garden. Boasting large glass window facades and sharp contemporary lines, Mesca’s Stand Alone Villa is carefully designed to invite ample light, as well as the outdoors in, so you can forge an unobscured connection with nature from the comfort of your own home. Combining raw stone punctuations and streamlined wooden beams, Mesca’s Stand Alone Villa is a signature statement of contemporary elegance by the sea.

Grand and majestic, Mesca’s Twin Villa offers stunning views of dazzling sunsets, inviting you to watch as Mother Nature works her magic, and breathe in the serenity of the moment into your home. Seamlessly nestled into magical surroundings, your spacious Twin Villa at Mesca is surrounded by fragrant flora, and a manicured private garden opening onto spectacular sea views to invite the best of nature into your home. Crisp and contemporary, your Twin Villa infuses true luxury with highly specified comfort, capturing a unique earthly palette that perfectly resounds with nature’s surrounding gifts and generous sunshine. Enjoy a good read on your tranquil patio or sip on a refreshing cocktail in the comfort of your own swimming pool to enjoy an enriching experience that is the essence of everyday life here.

Sleek and spectacular, with extraordinary privacy and exceptional views, Mesca’s Corner Lofts take waterfront luxury living to new heights. Designed on varied elevations to open onto tranquil lagoon and sea views, Mesca’s Corner Lofts are a fluid way to experience daily changing vistas, soothing waters and the development’s paradise surroundings captured from the comfort of your room. Boasting sleek contemporary lines and an island-style ambience, the sea-gazing Lofts allow you to revel in ultimate seclusion while taking in panoramic views from your sprawling sunny home.
Mesca Chalets Soma Bay – Gently rising from a sheet of turquoise, at Mesca it’s hard to tell where the sea ends and the sky begins. Your life here lies at the intersection of two worlds to strike the perfect balance between homestyle living with all its freedom and privacy and luxury hotel hospitality with its abundant variety of signature amenities delivered straight to your door.
Sit back, relax and allow Mesca residences unmatched synergy to introduce a one-of-a-kind beachfront experience, breathing harmony and excitement into every aspect of your life.
The mere mention of Mesca Chalets evokes thoughts of a seafront paradise. It’s more than a home; it’s a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind. Inspired by Balinese simplicity, Mesca Chalets Soma Bay invite uninterrupted serenity around every corner of your home, complemented by a nature-inspired design where less is certainly more. Experience blissful repose in the comfort of your own private pool or simply decelerate in your expansive terrace where the golden sun touches the deep blue sea

Mesca’s beach opens your eyes on a floating paradise, dotted with canopies and sunbeds for the bay’s tranquillity to embrace the serenity of natural lagoons right before you.
Lined with sun-drenched experiences in every direction, the Beach Library invites you to enjoy a good read in the sun while the Platform Bar is an exclusive escape to unwind with a refreshing cocktail. For the more energetic, the Activities Zone is the place to splash your way through the day while your little ones enjoy an exciting array of fun-packed games at the Kids Zone. Powered by top-class utilities and exceptional service, MESCA’s beach is in short heaven on earth.

Mesca Residences

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